4 Black Entrepreneurs We Are Watching and Learning From

Question for you: What percentage of your Black dollars have you committed to spending on creations and services founded by Black women and men, (and boys and girls, yes) in our community? If you don't know, now is a great time to pull out your budget and dedicate a portion of it to your brothers and sisters who have us in mind when launching their businesses. (You don't have a budget? Click here to learn the importance of having one). This week we feature four businesses founded and run by members within our community. Black power is what fuels entrepreneurs like Oby, Feyi, and myself to put the needs and wants of our community at the forefront of every move we make! When it comes down to it, our Black dollars = Black power. Fuel our community by checking out these four incredible entrepreneurs: 



CEO & Founder

Kendall Miles Designs


Kendall Miles is making a name for herself in the shoe design world. Featured and Vogue and her designs featured on runways around the world, Kendall's work is turning heads and bringing her brand all the right attention to help her flourish in the world of luxury footwear. Show her brand some love at




Savvy Esq

Dominque is a lawyer here to provide legal services for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs that might be intimidated by the legal aspects of launching a business and protecting their ideas. We know the feeling first hand! Knowing there are people within our community who are excited to help us, not just for our money but also because they care about seeing fellow Black entrepreneurs thrive. Nothing beats guidance and advice without judgment. Look for people who don't just want your money, but also want to see your success. Dominque's experience helping protect the intellectual property of billion-dollar companies is now accessible to her brothers and sisters looking to bring their ideas to life. Peruse her site and learn about her offerings at




Tiger Mushroom Farms

​No, that's not an incorrect picture. You're seeing that right, one of our Black princes is inspiring us over here at Crown Locs. Te'Lario has been in the game since the age of 7. While at his first Cub Scouts meeting he planted seeds, specifically, cat grass and basil seeds. This experience sparked his curiosity about plants which led to a book about mushrooms, then a mushroom growing kit from his parents. (parents: encourage your little ones to chase after their passions) Te'Lario ended up founding Tiger Mushroom Farms. The rest is making history, headlines, and money! Like Crown Locs, Te'Lario is committed to doing good in his community by way of his entrepreneurial spirit. You'll find Tiger Farm Mushrooms at his local food bank where he donates his mushrooms, money, and time. Between you and me, this little guy with a big heart is our favorite on this list! Learn more about this entrepreneur at




Pantora Bridal 


Andrea Pitter is taking the bridal gown space by storm. Have you ever thought about having your wedding dress designed by a Black woman? No? Check out Pantora Bridal's offerings. I've never really been into the whole wedding dress thing until seeing her site and seeing the beautiful designs that make me feel so proud to be Black. You know how when you see Beyonce perform and you feel the need to shed a tear, or several, of joy? That's what happens when we go through her site. I'm not crying, you're crying! We're so proud of her! Get some major feels by checking out her site









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