Easy 3-Step Process for Maintaining Crochet Goddess Locs

boholocs, goddess locs, faux locs, whatever you want to call them bring a laid back vibe to the chaos of everyday lifeBohemian crochet locs, aka "boho style locs", aka "the-locs-that-look-like-Megan-Good's-but-fast", call them what you may, look beautiful and free-spirited. They are a festival season essential style, a must have for travel to exotic destinations, as well as great for everyday slayage. Not only are they quick and easy to install, ours are also made to look great from day one until day "out". As with any protective hairstyle, maintaining them AND the hair under them is a high priority. Complicated maintenance routines are easy to forget and difficult to do when your hair is tucked away. Crown Locs has come up with a simple 3 step process for maintaining the easy-going faux loc look as well as other protective styles and protected hair.

1) Start with Premium Hair

Maintenance of crochet faux locs, just like any other protective style, starts with the hair that you use. The stuff you buy from your local beauty supply store was mass produced by a machine with the intention that it doesn't last long so that you are back in no time, buying more. ***Additionally, what you get in the beauty supply store is, more often than not, coated in chemicals that can cause severe itching and other unintended health consequences!*** Stop doing this to yourself and love yourself instead! Keep in mind that when you are wearing synthetic hair, it is touching your face, neck, skin, back, chest, etc. Your skin is taking in those chemicals. Using handmade locs will make your hair last longer without a complicated routine to care for them and will save you time! Our locs are made with daily oversight to ensure you are getting the best. Check out our Crochet Goddess Loc line here for a lightweight and premium option.  

2) Hair & Scalp Care

We've all had an itching scalp after having a protective style installed, and it's the worst. A leave-in conditioning spray will TLC your scalp, keep itching at bay, and most importantly - nourish your protected hair. Sprays allow for maximum coverage and reach when it comes to caring for hair safely stashed away under "loc" and key. They are also great at refreshing your crochet goddess locs, or really any protect style! My personal favorite is Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner.  Equally as important as hair and scalp care after install is the prep you put into your hair and scalp before install. Check out our post on prep 101 here.

3) Pineapple at Night or Silk Pillowcase

Tying your hair up each night makes a big difference. It helps your style well maintained. That said, Crown Locs do get better with a little "wear and tear" if you're into that look. Place the locs in a high ponytail or bun, and wrap a scarf around the base of the bun and your edges. Doing this will keep your edges lying flat as well. Make sure to tie your goddess locs up at night. Moisturizing your hair and scalp daily or a few times a week in the morning will help your locs stay fresh, allowing you to slay for more days. 

If you are not about that life, and happen to be the type who barely makes it through even the basic skincare routine you've been telling yourself for the last 2 years you'll do religiously, I recommend just getting silk pillowcases. Not satin, not sateen, but silk. I fall into the group that is awful at routines and I've tested and fallen in love with the silk pillowcase method. Silk reduces friction, reduces tension, and creates a great environment to support long-lasting wear. Bonus: it's great for your skin! No waking up with face creases. I give it 2 thumbs up!



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