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What is Crown Locs?

We are a company who's locs are the softest, bounciest, lightest locs on the market, all while looking natural and refined. These crochet locs are designed to be quick to install and quick to remove. Get the look of Goddess Locs without breaking the bank and sitting in a chair for 6+ hours. These are made for the busy woman who wants to stay gorgeous with less time and effort.

What makes us different from what I see in the stores and the rest of the internet?

Our locs are made by and for Black women. Our boho locs are not mass produced overseas. Crown Locs are made in small batches, by hand, with all proceeds going back into the Black community. Not only are they made by hand, they look and feel like the real deal. The highest quality fibers are used to bring you the gold standard when it comes to crochet locs. The locs you find in stores and on many website are are hollow in the middle and look far less than authentic. 

How do I install Crown Locs?

Installing is easy. It’s a simple as cornrows front to back then using a crochet loop to install each lock onto each braid. Space them apart for a lighter look or close together for a fuller look. There are additional methods for installing as well in addition to cornrows to create an even more authentic look or to allow you to put your hair up without the rows showing. Can't cornrow? Click here.

I’m an influencer/brand ambassador and would love to get my hands on some promotional product, how do I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at Please place "Interested Influencer + 'First Name'" in the subject line. We'll get back to you for sure!


How do I care for my gorgeous Crown Locs?

Crown Locs only get better with time! They can last up to two months with little yet easy care. We find it’s best to co-wash your locs and hair. Be gentle but still get in there! Massage that scalp.

I’ve worn mine for 2 months while on a remote island while swimming in the ocean daily and regular co-washes work wonders! Lukewarm water is best to maintain the bounce and waves. If you feel the waves and bounce are waning, section your installed locs into 4 braids and dip them into hot water to reinvigorate. 

Can I workout with Crown Locs?

Yes, yes, yes, and YES! We are 3 very active women and we’ve ensured to take the most active lifestyles into consideration when designing this product for you. Run, swim, jump, lift - you’re still going to look like the QUEEN you are! The last thing we want is to let hair get in between you and you goals. The two can be friends, even more so when you have Crown Locs in. 

Can I re-use my locs?

We've reused our locs in the past. While taking your hair down, will likely have many locs that are still look great (or even improved with time). If you like the way it looks, it's fine to reuse. Clean them before re-using. We recommend an apple cider vinegar soak to refresh them. Swishing them around in a bowl of clarifying shampoo and warm water is great too. Conditioner brings added shine if you'd like.

Do you have additional lengths/colors/styles? 

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